Friday, March 27, 2009

Road Trip Prep

photo by Randy, OHC
We can't leave for Holy Cross until Betsy is finished with a Tutorial that she is responsible for. So I'm having a relatively (for vacation/retreat time) busy morning packing and getting the house ready for us to be gone for a few days. Besides packing clothes and the usual sundries, we are bring a full kit of electronic gadgets. I want to get some images of Holy Cross. So I'm bringing what I need to record video, audio, and stills. I'm even hoping to do a taped interview with Bede.

Already my mind is at West Park. I'm really, really looking forward to settling into the rhythms of life there. It will only be a couple of days--but I plan on getting as deep into retreat time as I can. I'm especially looking forward to praying the Offices. And getting into that non-hurried head space that is possible there.

I miss living there, as I have done for various lengths of time in my life. I'm sure I'll have a chance to do that again some day.

Note: the photo above was taken by Br. Randy, OHC. If you want to see more of his photos look at his Flickr Albums.



(The Rev.) Brian McHugh said...

Hello Tay. Thanks for this picture! I was in OHC for 15 years. And was ordained deacon and priest at that altar. Nice to see it again, with that sun flowing in!

I now live in CA, and alas can't go to Mount Calvary any more. (I was Prior there in the late 70s)

I was ordained in the Canadian Church by Bp. Stiff while in OHC.


Brian McHugh+

Tay Moss said...

Thanks, Brian, but I didn't take the photo, Randy, OHC, did. I'll make a note in the post so people know.

Yeah, I discerned my call to the priesthood on that rug in front of that altar. It's also where I had my first Mass. Douglas, OHC, now on to his reward, was my deacon.