Saturday, March 14, 2009

Healing Prayer Service Progress

Today was the third Healing Prayer service here at the church. Thought I would offer a few quick reflections.

Liturgy... We follow this outline:
  • We sit in a circle in front of the chancel. Three candles burn on a table near the presider.
  • Greeting and opening collect from BAS pg. 554.
  • A reading from scripture (related to healing)
  • Silence for contemplation
  • Sharing about the scripture
  • Extemporaneous, open prayer time
  • Laying on of Hands and Anointing (those who wish to receive it take turns sitting in a chair in the middle of the circle. Everyone gathers around and puts a hand on the person's shoulder or arm. Presider lays hands on the person's head. Silent prayer for three or four breaths, then anointing using the BAS formula pg. 555)

Attendance... The first Saturday it was just two of us. The second there were six. And today we had six as well. Until today it was entirely parishioners--but then today we had a visitor who came because she saw our banner out front. Sweet! Now this person is a life-long Anglican who has known of our church, but not been inside before. That's just great. It's exactly the kind of encouragement I needed!

Spirituality... It has been quite moving to share prayer together in this way. I think doing the open intercessions followed by the anointing flows really nicely. I think that as we continue to meet the feeling of intimacy and connection will grow and the prayers will feel even more powerful.

So I'm feeling pretty good about this. I think we need to post even more flyers and advertising and we'll see how this goes...


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