Friday, March 27, 2009

More Website Upgrades

I've been making various improvements to the COTM website. I know it's my vacation and perhaps I shouldn't be tinkering with a work project--but I do find it enjoyable. Anyway, take a look at what I've done. Basically, I took the static news page from the website and essentially configured Blogger to post to it. The previous was okay, but it made posting harder than it actually need to be. Using Blogger to manage the news section has other advantages as well--like an RSS/Atom feed and the ability to authorize other people to post, etc. So then blogger is acting like a content management system (and it's free). I could add some other features like Comments and so forth, but I don't think I need them at the moment. I suspect I'll updating the news section of the website more often now.

The next challenge will be adding a dynamically generated calendar of some sort. But maybe I should wait a few weeks, first!

BTW, the Wiki for Geeks for Jesus is now up and running. This will be a place to organize our plans and also create some documents that will be useful for others. Feel free to contribute that conversation even if you can't come to the meetings! One of our next tasks to setting a date for the conference we've been talking about.

What's next? Tomorrow as soon as Betsy finishes her Tutorial we're off to Holy Cross. I'll bring our cameras with us, so we should have have some nice stuff to post. Stay tuned!


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