Sunday, February 24, 2008

Annual Vestry

The Annual Vestry Meeting today went extremely well. I won't give a blow-by-blow, but I will say that people said it was one of the best Annual Vestry Meetings in years. There is definitely a sense that things are on the upswing. People are really enthusiastic about the state and future of the parish and it shows.

Someone told me today that my love for the congregation shows and is rubbing off. Certainly I felt loved at the Annual Vestry Meeting (and how many Rectors can say that after their Annual meeting?) Honeymoon period? Perhaps, but I'm still going to savor it.

Tomorrow is for rest and a few errands. Cheers!



Felicity Pickup said...

Ours also went very well, in my new(ly rediscovered old) parish. I wondered why there were no entertaining fights, as I remembered them from when I was very young! I was surprised, especially because I can see that the Church is very much alive in that church.

Chuck said...

Aloha Tay,

I would observe that annual vestry meetings are a good indication of the thrend(s), and at your first one, your report indicates things are moving in the right direction!

I hope that you feel good about these early positive signs, and keep on doing what is needed to keep on moving forward.

In summary, keep up the good work!


Rev. Erin+ said...

I'm so glad you are they Tay. I think a congregation needs to be loved in order to move in the right direction and it sounds like you are giving them what they need...and vise versa. YAY.