Friday, February 22, 2008

Eastern Influences Part 1

So I've been asking around a bit about the influences of Eastern liturgy on Anglican/Episcopal liturgy--as I suspected the answer is "a lot"! I posted the question to on the APLM List-Serv and a number of people have posted interesting replies. When the thread winds down I'll post a summary here...



E Helena E said...

Fr. Tay,

I look forward to reading your synthesis. A friend and I thought we remembered seeing the Trisagion in the BAS (our parish rarely uses the BAS), but are mistaken (?) We were also a bit confused about your use of the term "pre-Tridentine Western liturgies" in the context of your earlier blog entry.

In Christ,


Tay Moss said...

Yep, the Trisag. is in the BAS.

I just meant that when you look at the changes made in the new books ('79 BCP and '85 BAS) it's often easier to see the influence of Eastern Rites than that of Western ones from before the Council of Trent. In other words, the new books reflect a shift towards the East. Of course, the whole Western liturgical tradition after Trent still dominates the books, that's why I wanted to bracket that part.


liturgy said...

I look forward also to seeing your synthesis.
Clearly there has been a continual movement Eastwards, past Geneva and Rome towards Constantinople.
It is very evident in our Eucharistic Prayer structure, particularly in the inclusion and placement of the epiclesis.


Bosco Peters